About Us



Joshua Pietrowski / Director, Host

Pietrowski is a 6’4″ beer brewing, sports watching, pizza eating machine. He loves talking sports, listening to and watching sports and reading about sports.

Favorite Clubs: University of Michigan Athletics, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Indianapolis Colts, Manchester United Football Club, Penske Championship Racing

Twitter and Instagram: @amountainofaman


Jameson Hutchison / Director of Media, Co-Host

J-Money has been talking trash about your favorite teams for over two decades now. In his spare time he enjoys pro wrestling, football, baseball, basketball, a tiny bit of hockey, and earning his stripes to be a well rounded soccer fan.

Favorite Clubs: West Virginia Athletics, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Liverpool, “The Greatest Wrestler of All Time” Shawn Michaels.

After the San Diego Chargers have moved to Los Angeles, Jameson is on the hunt for a new NFL club to rep. Send him your fan resume at jamesonhutchison@yahoo.com

Twitter and Instagram: @jamesonrulez


Pat Kuhn / Co-Host

Pat Kuhn is an angry little Irishman who can be found on most weekends yelling at his TV screen.  His anger comes from his teams, Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Pirates, always letting him down…looking at you “Smokin” Jay Cutler!

Favorite Clubs: Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Pirates, Georgia Tech Athletics, Detroit Pistons, and Boston Bruins