The Hoosier Hustle 4.6.17

Basketball and Nascar talk from The Brewer’s View Network!

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Diamond Theory 4.5.17

An extensive MLB Opening Day Preview!!! The first half of the show is an MLB wide preview, followed by specific local team previews.

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The Fifth Quarter 4.4.17

A little football talk for your Tuesday afternoon from the boys at The Brewer’s View Network.

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Red Headed Step Children 4.3.17

We are back! We are still experiencing a little bit of an issue with our volume levels, so thank you for your patience! This is our first episode of Red Headed Step Children, a Monday feature focusing on Evansville, Indiana and Regional Soccer and Hockey.

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Episode 5: Evansville Thunderbolts

We are back at ’em, closing out the Evansville Otters’ season by celebrating a championship, and opening up the Evansville Thunderbolts season by featuring their Head Coach, Jeff Pyle and Staffer, Blake Bruner as our special guests this week.

We spend a hot minute on national goings on, and what’s on tap around the city. Interview coach Jeff Pyle and executive Blake Bruner, discuss the Thunderbolts season to come and get down on another Otters championship.

Finally we answer some of your questions, (submit them to, and end the show talking about a BIG problem this LITTLE city has: not showing up.

Five episodes deep and this one is by far the best we can remember.

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Thanks for listening!!


-Josh Pietrowski, Director and Host, The Brewer’s View


Songs in this episode:

“World I Hate”, Trapped Under Ice

“Windows are Rolled Down”, Amos Lee

“Can’t You See”, Marshall Tucker Band

“Be Alright”, Nappy Roots

“Au Revior”, The Front Bottoms

Show links:

The Evansville Thunderbolts:

Doc’s Stringtown Inn:

Evansville Brewing Association:

Evansville Podcast:

Beyond Repair Podcast:

Clockwork Nights


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Episode 4 – The Football Preview

Howdy folks!


The Brewer’s View is back and at it with our 2016 Fall Football Preview this week.


We spend a few minutes touching on local beer and local sports, a few more minutes on the winding down of baseball and nascar, and a few more minutes answering a few of your questions.


This episode was recorded live in the Doc’s Stringtown Inn Studio on Second Street in beautiful downtown Evansville. It’s an episode we here at TBV are very proud of. We hope you enjoy the previews…





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Songs featured this week:


“Queen Bitch”, David Bowie

“Super Bowl Shuffle”, Chicago Bears

“I’m Not in Love”, 10CC

“San Diego”, Blink 182

“Most Wonderful Time Of the Year” Some Old Guy

“How I’ll always be” Tim McGraw

“Feelin’ Good Again”, Robert Earl Keen

“Sober”, Blink 182

“Star Man” Seu Jorge

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Open Market


Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs fired the first shot of the 2016 trade deadline season by adding flamethrower Aroldis Chapman to their bullpen, from the New York Yankees. The boys from the Windy City officially opened the market, trading off valuable prospects for a closer who can help them immediately. Cubs fans, that sound you hear, it’s the window opening. Coming from a Tigers fan, trust me, it sounds a lot nicer than the window slamming shut. You’ll know soon enough.


However, now is the time to get excited. Don’t let some grumpy old Tigers fan like me pull up next to you at the bar, just to remind you that you’re going to have to die one day. This! This is the time for living!

Depending on your management, you’ve now got a solid three-to-seven-year window to win as many division titles, league pennants and of course, world series as you can. It wasn’t supposed to happen so fast, but much like Michigan’s first year under Jim Harbaugh, the Cubs first campaign with Joe Maddon at the helm proved to be much more fruitful than expected. Now, you’ve jumped out to first place in the National League, are charging down the post all star break highway to the playoffs, and have decided, it’s time. It’s a paradigm shift. It’s a fundamental change in approach. It’s going to be the craziest party you’ve been to since college….


As the season comes to a close, Major League teams have until August 1st to bolster their line-ups for a post-season push, or to give up, in effect… selling off some of their high value chips in order to secure prospects, and the stars of tomorrow. Imagine six years from now, after a pair of world series, the cubs are sitting five games back of the wild card and decide it’s finally time to trade off Rizzo to a contender for three hot young pitchers.

It’s kind of like that.

There are quite a few teams left in each league that hope to secure the final ten playoff spots, and their corresponding tickets to October baseball. That’s right. Only 33% of all major league baseball teams make the cut, the lowest percentage among all four major American sports.


In the National League, there are two tiers of teams that will be looking to “buy” as they call it, at the trade deadline. The first tier features the major contenders for the National League’s spot in the 2016 World Series.

Currently, the Nationals, Cubs and Giants all lead their divisions and seem to have their crosshairs locked on a post season berth, be it a division title, or a wild card. I would call these three clubs the “contenders”. The Cubs have looked great all year, the Nats have been due for the past three years, and hell, it’s an even year. (The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014)

Behind this group is what I’d call the “hopefuls”. The Mets, Marlins, Cardinals, Pirates and Dodgers seem to be right behind their division leading counterparts. But here’s the problem: after the initial three divisional playoff tickets are secured, there are only two wild cards left, and five teams chasing them. So to sneak in, which two of these hopefuls will most likely do, New York, Miami, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles will either have to wrestle away the division lead from their respective competitiors, or finish first or second among themselves.

My prediction for the 2016 NL Field includes the Nationals, Cubs and Giants heading to the division series, with a one-game wild card playoff between the Dodgers and Cardinals. Rooting for the Marlins and Donnie Baseball this year, I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Like, very sincerely.


In the AL, the Indians, Rangers and Orioles lead their respective divisions. Meanwhile, the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Houston Astros are not only hot on the heels of their division leaders, but are locked in a three-way battle for the final wild card spots in the American League. There’s not really that much of a sexy story behind the three division leaders, with Cleveland, Texas and Baltimore playing solid, consistent baseball all year. The Astros have come on as of late, and even though they sit the furthest back in the Wild card standings, I see them finishing strong.

My prediction for the 2016 AL field would be a divisional round featuring the Cleveland Indians, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Texas Rangers, immediately following a one game wild card between Houston and Boston. Big Papi gets at least one final playoff game, and launches two over the green monster.


So, the market is open for another six days. The Cubs have made the first move, but there are many, many more that are going to happen in the next week as contending teams load up, and those with no shot go ahead and start preparing for next year.

The next time I’ll have a chance to sit down a write about baseball, we will be in the heart of the playoff chase, narrowing the field down to the final ten clubs that will have October to fight it out, amidst the crisp air, beneath the bright lights, playing themselves once again into the depths of our memories.

Whether your team buys or sells, I hope for your sake, they do it well.

Thanks for reading.

Josh Pietrowsk, head writer

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